6 Things That Can Quickly Go Wrong When Your VA Handles Your Books

by Tracey Hrica Apr 26, 2023 | Share
Who loves their Virtual Assistants?

We have dealt with some really great ones, whom we LOVE, but as a business owner, you need to make sure that you are delegating the right tasks to the right people on your team.

Bookkeeping is one task that you should leave to a professional bookkeeper instead of trying to train your general virtual assistant to handle these duties.

A bookkeeper tracks and manages the financial transactions of a business.

These duties include keeping accurate records, reconciling bank accounts, and running reports.

Bookkeepers typically have a degree in business, accounting, or bookkeeping and/or several certifications.

If they don’t have the traditional credentials, then they have years of real-world experience.

As many business owners struggle to maintain balance amid a hectic schedule, bookkeeping tasks often fall by the wayside, or are left in the wrong hands.

However, accurate bookkeeping can mean the difference between staying in operation and closing down due to cash flow problems or tax troubles. ⁣

If you find yourself falling behind in your accounting duties, it’s time to clean things up before your business becomes the victim of one of these common problems:⁣







Running a small business is complicated enough without the stress of dealing with regular accounting tasks.

Hiring an experienced accountant or bookkeeper takes the burden off you. ⁣

It dramatically decreases the chances of having problems with business funds.⁣

When you have organized files and records, and your books are balanced, you can review your business finances and tax plan at the end of each month, quarter, and tax year.⁣

With a clear picture of income, expenses, profits, and cash flow, you can run your business knowing that you have enough money on hand to support daily operations and drive long-term growth.⁣

Are you ready to take that first step and find out how we can help?⁣

About the Author

Tracey Hrica

Tracey Hrica joined the firm in 1995 as a bookkeeper. In 2012, she earned the designation of Enrolled Agent(EA), which enables her to prepare personal and business tax returns and represent clients before the IRS. To maintain the designation of EA, she must complete yearly continuing education in the areas of personal and business taxation. Working closely with her clients, Tracey’s primary areas of concentration are new client onboarding, client communication, research, and QuickBooks support. As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, she works closely with clients who rely on QuickBooks for the day to day running of their business. Tracey has expertise in both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

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